Traklogg Features

Throw away your log book and let TRAKLOGG

work for you.  Eliminate TAX time frustrations.

TRAKLOGG is an automatic mileage recording solution designed specifically for people who utilize their vehicle while making a living.  It enables users to easily and effortlessly track and manage mileage information for reimbursement, reporting and tax purposes.  The TRAKLOGG solution combines three powerful components into one powerful solution. 

The TRAKLOGG Device is a lightweight, and durable device that can easily be carried in your car, purse or pocket.  No matter where you carry it, TRAKLOGG will only record your vehicle mileage and will automatically determine the start and stop points of your trips. TRAKLOGG can hold more than 100 hours of mileage data and operates for more than 20 hours between charges. Nothing to attach to your car, nothing to remember, and no buttons to push.  Turn it on and JUST GO!

TRAKLOGG Dashboard Manager is a downloadable customized software application you install on your PC or laptop that enables you to easily manage and organize your mileage data.  With the single click of a button you can download and store your mileage information securely and privately on your laptop or desktop computer, review your mileage information and create, print or share mileage reports.  

TRAKLOGG MyTrips is an online subscription-based service that enhances TRAKLOGG Dashboard Manager by translating your start and stop destinations into physical addresses, providing storage and protection of valuable mileage information and allowing access to your mileage records from anywhere with internet access.  TRAKLOGG MyTrips is provided for 6-months with your TRAKLOGG purchase.  Atfter 6 months you can choose to continue your MyTrips subscription for just $89.95 per year or $29.95 per quarter, or terminate your subscription.  MyTrips is an optional service and is not mandatory for the operation of the TRAKLOGG solution.

TRAKLOGG Features and Benefits

  • TRAKLOGG Features:
  • No wires to connect to your car, No buttons to push, Nothing to remember.
  • Records start and stop locations automatically.
  • Puts your mileage information at your finger tips.
  • Four standard mileage reports. (Activity, Vehicle, IRS and Client)
  • Export mileage information to other applications.
  • Actual trip routes displayed in online map.
  • Mileage data backed-up in secured password protected online account.
  • Automatically calculates mileage reimbursements
  • Provides access to your mileage records from anywhere with internet access.
  • With TRAKLOGG you can:
  • REDUCE your financial tax burden
  • ELIMINATE mileage recording frustrations
  • MAXIMIZE your revenue
  • CREATE and customize mileage reports in seconds
  • CALCULATE mileage reimbursement automatically
  • EXPORT mileage data to other applications

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Traklogg Systems strives for 100% customer satisfaction and offers a 30-day money back guarantee of our Traklogg Device. Learn more.

When you order your Traklogg you will receive:

  • The Traklogg with Bluetooth Navigation
  • Lithium rechargeable battery
  • USB to mini-usb cable
  • DC Car lighter adapter
  • AC power adapter
  • User Guide (online)
  • Desktop Reporting Software (online)
  • 6 month Subscription to Traklogg MyTrips

Also Included for a Limited Time:

With MyTrips, a secure password protected account, you receive real-time address conversion, ability to store and backup your mileage reports automatically and anytime access from anywhere with internet access.