Traklogg Mileage Recorder

How does Traklogg work?

Traklogg, Automatic Mileage Recorder, uses GPS technology to record your mileage activities. The data is stored on Traklogg's internal memory and formatted for downloading to your Traklogg Dashboard Manger via a USB port. Traklogg Dashboard Manager, a mileage reporting application, processes the data for report creation.

How do I record miles automatically?

Charge the battery in your Traklogg unit and turn unit on by placing it in the LOG position. Traklogg acquires a GPS signal (flashing amber light) letting you know it is ready to record. Place Traklogg anywhere in your car and travel as you would normally.

Please keep in mind that GPS systems cannot receive signals when covered by metal or concrete structures such as parking garages. For best results, be sure Traklogg has full line of sight to the sky. As you travel, Traklogg records your mileage activity. All you have to do is ... Just Go!

How do I stop recording miles?

Turn Traklogg to the off position. When you want to begin recording miles again, turn Traklogg to the LOG position.

Where can I place the Traklogg device in my car?

Traklogg is a small, lightweight device that can be carried in your pocket, purse/briefcase, or anywhere in your car.

Try to avoid placing the unit in locations encased in metal that may obscure Traklogg's reception. Please note that leaving the Traklogg in direct sunlight may cause heat damage.

How many records or miles am I allowed to log per day?

Traklogg has a 4 Mb memory capacity. The number of miles that can be recorded daily depends on usage.

If the device is turned off after daily use, it may be possible to record a week of mileage activity. Since the device records even when stationary, capacity could be reached in a few days, if the device is left in the "LOG" position.

The status LED blinks red when remaining memory capacity is less than 20% and becomes solid red when memory is full. Once the memory is full, the device stops recording mileage data. You are encouraged to download data from the Traklogg device regularly.

Why does Traklogg stop recording when memory is full?

Traklogg stops recording when memory is full to avoid overwriting existing data. When memory is nearing capacity, the GPS LED blinks red. You should download data as soon as possible to avoid any in gaps in your mileage records.

What is the purpose of the Mini-USB port?

The Mini-USB port has two functions; (1) to charge the Traklogg battery and (2) to download data from the Traklogg device to the Traklogg Dashboard Manager.

How do I acquire a GPS signal?

Traklogg acquires a GPS signal automatically when the device is in the Log position. With the initial battery installation, this process can take up to three minutes. Thereafter, GPS connections happen within seconds of turning on the unit. A longer delay may result because of a battery change.

Obtaining the GPS connection is difficult when the device is under metal or concrete surfaces. Once a GPS signal is acquired, Traklogg should remain synchronized throughout your travels.

How do I clear my memory on my Traklogg unit?

Utilizing the Mini-USB to USB cable to download mileage data from your Traklogg device completes two actions: (1) Automatically saves logged information to the mileage database and (2) Erases or clears data from your Traklogg device.


If my battery dies while I am on the road, how can I continue recording my trips?

Traklogg comes with three ways to charge the battery: an AC adapter for charging from electrical outlets, a DC adapter for charging from your car and a mini-USB to USB cable that can charge Traklogg from your computer. By keeping your DC adapter in your car, you can charge your Traklogg unit as needed. Traklogg continues to record mileage information while it is charging.

How long does the battery last?

When fully charged, Traklogg can record continuous mileage activity for up to 20 hours between charges. Battery life is extended if Traklogg is turned off between uses. If left turned on, Traklogg continues to record trip information, even when the device is stationary. It is recommended that you turn Traklogg off when not in use.

How often will I have to change batteries?

Since the Traklogg device uses a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, replacement should not be necessary unless the device is misused. Examples of misuse would include, but are not limited to, leaving the device in the sun or dropping it in water.

How often will the Traklogg device need charging?

When fully charged, the Traklogg battery can operate up to 20 hours. Three charging options make charging the device very easy. Traklogg is shipped with; a DC adapter for electrical outlets, AC adapter for car charging and Mini USB to USB cable for computer connection and charging.

What happens to my mileage data if the Battery dies?

Traklogg notifies you when the battery is low via a flashing red battery LED. When you see the flashing red light, we recommend you charge Traklogg immediately. The device records data while charging.

If battery charge is completely lost while recording your mileage activity, recorded mileage is stored on the internal memory. Keep in mind that no additional mileage can be recorded until the battery is recharged.

I ran out of battery while logging miles, is my data lost?

When Traklogg runs out of battery charge, it stops recording your mileage activity. All data recorded before the battery expired is stored in internal memory on the unit. We recommend that you re-charge Traklogg when the low battery indicator illuminates.

How do I know when my device is fully charged?

The Traklogg battery indicator is green when the device is plugged into a power source; the light goes out when completely charged. The battery LED blinks red to indicate a low battery condition.

How or where do I purchase another battery?

Traklogg accessories, including replacement batteries are available for purchase on the Traklogg website, www.traklogg.com


My "Battery" light is blinking Red, what does that mean?

Blinking red battery LED indicates that the battery is low and the unit needs to be recharged.

My Battery light is not on, what does that mean?

The battery LED does not display or flash if the battery is charged. The battery LED is green when charging, flashes red when battery is low and does not display when the battery is completely charged.

If you have no GPS signal (flashing amber LED) and no battery indicator, the device either is turned off or needs charging.

My "Bluetooth" light is blinking Blue, what does that mean?

Blinking Bluetooth LED lets you know that the unit is ready to synchronize with a Bluetooth device such as a phone or a computer.

My "GPS" light is blinking amber, what does that mean?

The GPS LED blinks amber when synchronized with the GPS satellites. The device is ready to record mileage activity.

My "GPS" light is not blinking, what does that mean?

If the GPS LED is not blinking amber the device is not synchronized with the GPS satellites and is not ready to record mileage activities.

To acquire the GPS signal, make sure that the device is in the LOG position and is not obstructed by a metal or concrete overhead. Once GPS signal is acquired, the unit should remain synchronized and capable of recording mileage activity.

What is the purpose of the amber button on the Traklogg device?

This button is reserved for future use.

Dashboard Manager

Where can I get the latest version of the Traklogg Dashboard Manager?

The most current version of Traklogg Dashboard Manager is available for download from your MyTrips account.

How do I transfer recorded mileage from the Traklogg to my PC?

Open Traklogg Dashboard Manager; connect Traklogg to your computer via the mini-USB to USB connector shipped with the unit. Click the "Read Traklogg" button, the Traklogg Dashboard Manager will begin reading and transferring your mileage data from the Traklogg to the PC. Mileage data will be automatically saved to the Traklogg database and can be viewed from any of the four reports.

Are my mileage records compliant with IRS standards?

Traklogg collects detailed mileage records. For specific IRS documentation requirements and information regarding how to prove expenses refer to IRS Publication 463 - Travel, Entertainment, Gift and Car Expenses.

How can I classify my mileage as business, personal or commute miles?

Traklogg Dashboard Manager has a pull down menu of the six most common trip types in the Activity Report. For user ease, each trip record defaults to business trip type. By completing the requested information in the My Profile tab, you can identify your common trip types and their associated mileage rates. If none of the selections in the drop-down options describe your trip type, you can add more trip types by accessing the My Profile/My Rates tab in Dashboard Manager.

How do I know what miles qualify as business, personal or commute expenses?

You need to consult a tax professional or the Internal Revenue Service.

Why should I separate my business, personal or commute mileage?

IRS Publication 463 - Travel, Entertainment, Gift and Car Expenses explains the requirements for documenting business mileage to recover expenses. It also lists the different allowable mileage rates associated with each trip type. Consult your tax professional or the IRS for additional assistance.

I accidentally deleted mileage records, can I recover those records?

Yes, if you upload the mileage database to your MyTrips account. Two benefits of a MyTrips account are on-line access and database backup.

You are encouraged to upload your mileage database to your MyTrips account, regularly. You can retrieve your latest upload of data from your MyTrips account from anywhere you have internet access.

My spouse and I both want to record mileage activity; can the Traklogg Dashboard Manager support multiple devices?

Traklogg Dashboard Manager can manage multiple Traklogg Automatic Mileage Recorders. If you and your spouse need to create separate mileage records, simply change the default vehicle in My Profile before each device download. Records can then be sorted by vehicle to create vehicle-spouse specific reports.

I have been previously audited by the IRS. Will this device help me substantiate my tax returns in the future?

Traklogg automatically collects and records mileage data. Dashboard Manager converts that data into easy to read reports. IRS Publication 463 - Travel, Entertainment, Gift and Car Expenses explains the requirements for documenting mileage to recover expenses.

Does having mileage records automatically protect or prevent me from audits?

Having complete documentation of expenses does not protect or prevent audits, but it does help to document and prove expenses. IRS Publication 463 - Travel, Entertainment, Gift and Car Expenses explains the requirements for documenting mileage to recover expenses.

Is logging mileage automatically better than logging miles on paper or logging miles at all?

The Traklogg System automatically records mileage and creates accurate reports to document miles driven.

Using the Traklogg System dramatically reduces the effort required to record mileage and increases the accuracy of tracking and reporting mileage. Having accurate information to report as a legitimate business expense deduction is to your advantage.

The address provided by Traklogg is not the exact address I visited. Why not?

MyTrips relies on GPS technology to determine physical addresses. This advanced technology is capable of determining addresses within 200 feet of the actual location. With this in mind, the technology attempts to provide an address that is within 200 feet of your endpoint, which can be a nearby address, a cross street or in rare instances a city/ state combination.

It is important to download mileage data regularly so that you can accurately recall and edit address information.

Traklogg only provided partial addresses after I completed the download from my mileage recorder. Why?

Dashboard Manager relies on the MyTrips "Get Address" function to identify start and end locations. If either end of your trip is similar to a Mall, Industrial Park, or a stadium, a specific address is difficult to decipher.

The technology attempts to provide an address that is within 200 feet of your endpoint which can be a nearby address, a cross street or in rare instances only city and/or state will be provided.

Regular downloads of mileage data helps you edit address information.


Can I export my mileage reports into other applications?

Yes, Traklogg Dashboard Manager generates four different reports: Mileage Activity Report, Client Report, Vehicle Report and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Report.

These reports are created with a file extension of AR, CR, VR and IR and can be read with the Dashboard Manager application. Each report can also be saved in CSV format, making data compatible with applications that support CSV format.

The four reports can also be saved as PDF files to maintain integrity of the report data and share it with others.

When generating a report, some of my stored trip records seem to be missing. What happened to my stored data?

Traklogg Dashboard Manager has four filters that provide for customized report creation. Check your filters, including date range, to be sure you are retrieving all available trip records.

The comments I saved to an IRS report disappear when I generated a new report. What happened?

Record changes made in the IRS, Vehicle or Client reports are only saved to that specific report. These changes are NOT saved in the Traklogg database. In order to capture these changes you should save your specific report. Any changes you want made to the Traklogg database should be made in the Activity Report and then saved.

Can I change the addresses in the Traklogg report?

Edits can be made to the address in the start and end location fields as well as the following fields:

      • Vehicle
      • Trip Type
      • Client
      • Comments

Edits made and saved while viewing the Activity Report are saved to the mileage database. Edits made and saved while viewing the three other reports are saved only in that specific report.

Can I create PDF documents of my mileage reports?

Yes. Accessing the Print Manager in the Dashboard Manager allows you to save reports in PDF or Excel formats. PDF documents can be shared with the assurance that document integrity is not compromised.

How does Traklogg know when I have stopped at my destination?

Several parameters ensure the effectiveness of Traklogg. If you stop at a location for 15 minutes or more, the time parameter flags that location as a stop point.

I have more than one company with different clients for each of them. How do I manage mileage for each company?

My Profile provides the general information needed to generate a report. The general information currently accommodates one company name which can be can be manually adjusted for each company client report required. Multiple clients can easily be identified in the My Client tab. A drop-down menu allows you to associate a specific client with a specific trip.

Map View

How many trips can I record on my Traklogg devise and see them in Map View?

Map View displays all trips read from the Traklogg device. This visual depiction provided by Map View color-codes each trip. Because of the amount of memory required to display large graphical images, a large number of trips may slow down the screen display and cause script errors.

Can I store Map View data for later review?

No. Map View data is only available for viewing with each Traklogg reading. Trips are removed from the Map View register once you exit the application or download new trips.

When I go to Map View, I get script errors and it responds slowly, what is happening?

Displaying graphical images, like maps can require a lot of memory for display. A large number of trips downloaded at one time may cause your system to run slowly and create script errors.

In order to mitigate script errors, limit the number of trips recorded prior to reading/downloading data from Traklogg. Regular downloads of trip data offers many advantages.


How do I log into my MyTrips account?

Visit www.traklogg.com/mytrips, login using your username and password.

What browser should I be using?

MyTrips works with any browser but we recommend Internet Explorer 7 or later.

Can I see my mileage records online?

Yes. Traklogg Dashboard Manager provides easy access to upload your data into your MyTrips account. Your MyTrips account is an exact duplicate of your Dashboard Manager database with each upload. Accessing your MyTrips account provides a view of your mileage database as of your last upload. MyTrips can be found at www.traklogg.com/mytrips.

What computer Operating System works best with Traklogg Dashboard Manager?

Traklogg Dashboard Manager was designed to operate on both Windows XP and Windows Vista. During the download of Traklogg Dashboard Manager, the proper drivers for XP or Vista are automatically installed.

Traklogg Dashboard Manager does not currently function with Windows 64 or MAC operating systems.

I can't log into my MyTrips account. What should I do?

If you cannot log into your MyTrips account, try the following checks;

Verify your Internet connections are working properly.
Reset your MyTrips password.
Contact Traklogg Support at Support@Traklogg.com or 1-877-800-LOGG (5644).

My complimentary MyTrips account expires soon. How can I continue my on-line access?

You are notified approximately 30 days prior to subscription expiration, that your MyTrips account is about to expire. There is an easy "renew MyTrips" option. Choose the renew option and follow the instructions.

Where do I find my MyTrips Account ID?

Your MyTrips Account ID is sent to you in the registration confirmation email. It is also stored in your MyTrips>My Profile information located at www.traklogg.com/mytrips. Your username and password allow you to access your My Profile information.

What happens to my mileage information if I cancel my MyTrips account?

If you cancel your MyTrips account, your data is retained in your account for 90 days. You can reinstate your account at any time within those 90 days.

After 90 days, your account and data is purged from the system. Data purged from our system cannot be recovered.

My MyTrips account expired about 6 months ago. How do I set it up again?

There is an easy "Renew MyTrips" option found at www.traklogg.com/mytrips. Choose the renew option and follow the instructions.

Can I download data directly from my Traklogg device to my MyTrips account?

No. Traklogg Dashboard Manager supports the ability to read data from the Traklogg device. This capability does not currently exist in MyTrips.

Are there any monthly service charges associated with the Traklogg Service after the initial 6 month trial?

Yes. MyTrips, the password protected on-line account carries a nominal monthly or annual fee. Promotional discounts may be included with your initial purchase of your Traklogg Automatic Mileage Recorder. Although, Traklogg Dashboard Manager operates independent of a MyTrips account, MyTrips offers the ability to acquire physical addresses, back-up your mileage records and gain access to those records from anywhere with internet access.

How will I be notified when access to MyTrips expires?

Approximately thirty days prior to the expiration of your MyTrips account, Traklogg Systems alerts users with renewal options via email and through MyTrips application alerts.

How do I cancel my monthly service?

Please contact Support@Traklogg.com or call 1-877-800-LOGG (5644) to cancel your account. Accounts cancelled prior to your subscription end date will not be prorated. However, your account will remain active until the end of your subscription period.

What billing options exist with my online account?

Traklogg users have the option of monthly or annual renewal. 

How to upload Data?

Your mileage records can easily be uploaded to your MyTrips account from your Traklogg Dashboard Manager. Open your Traklogg Dashboard Manager on your computer and click the Upload to MyTrips button. The Traklogg Dashboard Manager will upload all of your mileage records, and other information to your MyTrips online account. Your data is now available online.

Traklogg System Support

How do I contact Traklogg Systems if I have questions about purchasing or using the Traklogg unit?

Customer satisfaction is a priority at Traklogg Systems. You can reach us via email at Support@Traklogg.com for any questions, or at 1-877-800 LOGG (5644).

Username and Password

I don't remember my username and password, where can I get this information?

Visit www.traklogg.com and click on the Lost Password button to retrieve your username and/or password. By providing the email address used at registration, Traklogg Support can provide your requested information via email.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Traklogg Systems strives for 100% customer satisfaction and offers a 30-day money back guarantee of our Traklogg Device. Learn more.

When you order your Traklogg you will receive:

  • The Traklogg with Bluetooth Navigation
  • Lithium rechargeable battery
  • USB to mini-usb cable
  • DC Car lighter adapter
  • AC power adapter
  • User Guide (online)
  • Desktop Reporting Software (online)
  • 6 month Subscription to Traklogg MyTrips

Also Included for a Limited Time:

With MyTrips, a secure password protected account, you receive real-time address conversion, ability to store and backup your mileage reports automatically and anytime access from anywhere with internet access.